Curate, then Create

George Couros recently wrote a blog post about consumption vs. creation that resonated with me.  He writes that these two concepts should not be either/or.  Rather, they should be treated as first/then.

One should not forgo the consumption for the creation.  Students still need to learn and know curriculum.  It is with this knowledge they are able to go out and create something new.  Without the background knowledge, or schema, for their content area, students would have a much harder time moving to the creation of a new idea.

The Innovator’s Mindset is defined as “the belief that abilities, intelligence, and talents are developed, leading to the creation of better ideas”.  In order to develop abilities, intelligence, and talents, students must consume information first.

Let’s think about computer programmer.  When first starting out, they certainly don’t know everything they need to in order to develop new programs.  They consume the basics, then the mid-level skills, then the advanced skills.  Once they have consumed this knowledge, they can take it and create something new and better than what was before.

As the title of my blog suggests, I am a strong proponent of this idea.  Pedagogy comes first, then the innovation, possibly through technology.  This idea is something I make sure the teachers I work with understand about me first thing.  I’m not coming into planning to force the use of technology.  I’m coming in to see what your students can create after the knowledge has been consumed.


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