Control Vs. Freedom

Chapter 6 of The Innovator’s Mindset is so full of highlighted bits and pieces, there is almost more yellow than white on the pages!  The main idea I took away from the chapter is the idea of control vs. freedom in the classroom.

Classroom management is such a huge deal for teachers.  The first 4-6 weeks of school are spent setting expectations and practicing procedures.  While it is important to set the tone for the year, many times teachers come across as dictators of the classroom where students have no say about how the classroom will be run.  Sure, some teachers allow students to give input for the rules, but if we’re really honest, teachers are leading students to the rules they want to have.

What if (!) teachers spent those 4-6 weeks showing students how much freedom and empowerment they would have during the year?  What if expectations of learning were set with student input instead of just how to line up and where to sit?  How can we find the balance between the two?  I’d love to hear your thoughts!


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